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Magnesium Oxide Rotary Kiln

Magnesium Oxide Rotary Kiln

Introduction of Magnesium oxide rotary kiln:
Magnesium oxide rotary kiln is known as magnesium metal rotary kiln and it is used in: chemical products - magnesium sulfate, magnesium sulfate heptahydrate, In refractory aspect it is the main raw material for production of the steelmaking magnesium ball bottom material, In the building aspect,it is widely used in the production of container, fire board, arts and crafts, vegetable greenhouses, wall insulation boards, activity boards, asbestos and other. It can increase wear resistance, good adsorption, a lower melting point and can change metal lattice structure (fine),so it is used in paint painting refractory bricks, magnetism material, ceramic, rubber tires, and so on.

Structure of Magnesium oxide rotary kiln:
Magnesium oxide rotary kiln is made of cylinder, gear, prop, gear wheel bearing device, kiln, kiln sealing parts, kiln hood and combustion devices. Cylinder of magnesium oxide rotary kiln is the heated rotary parts and is made of quality sedation steel plate welded. Due to the particularity of the calcination process, our furnace adopt Diameter changes type kiln body, Through the wheel with bearing block in 2 to 4 on the sliding or rolling bearings devices, and in one block or block support device set a mechanical or hydraulic gear wheel, magnesium oxide rotary kiln control the axial movement of the cylinder; The transmission device of magnesium oxide rotary kiln speed rotary according the requirements through the ring gear in the cylinder central cylinder rotation; Due to the requirements of installation and maintenance,large magnesium oxide rotary kiln set auxiliary transmission device ,which make kiln body speed in a low rotary;In order to prevent cold air into and gas dust overflow the tube,we set reliable preheater and kiln head sealing device in the feeding end and discharge end for the magnesium oxide rotary kiln's cylinder.

Advantages of Magnesium oxide rotary kiln:
Magnesium oxide rotary kiln's structure is simple, convenient and reliable control in the production process, less wearing parts, high rate of operation,so it is the high grade cement equipment in the cement plant, and it is widely used in the metallurgy, chemical industry, construction and other industries.

Technical parameters of Magnesium oxide rotary kiln:

Model (m) Production Capacity (t/d) Host Machine Speed Reducer Weight (t) Remark
Model Power(kw) Model Ratio
φ18x26 72 JZT2-72-4 30 JZQ750-1-Ⅰ 48.57 66  
φ1.9/1.6x39 72 JZT2-72-4 30 JZQ750-1-Ⅰ 48.57 66  
φ1.9x36 84 YCT315-4A 37 ZS110-5-Ⅲ 78.19 85.9  
φ2.2x45 98.4 JZT82-6 55 ZA125 93.93 104  
φ2.5x40 160 Z2--92 40 ZS125-2-Ⅰ 134.9 143  
φ2.5x45 170 JTZ82-4 45 ZS125-4-Ⅰ 69.71 148  
φ2.5x50 180 ZT3-72-4 30 ZS145-9-Ⅴ 122.8 173  
φ2.5x60 168 YCT355-4B 75 ZS165-7-Ⅱ 99.96 222 Bauxite calcining kiln
φ3x48 360-480 YCT355-4B 75 ZS145-7-Ⅱ 100.4 170.6  
φ3.1/2.5x78 216-240 Z4—225-31 75 ZS165-2-Ⅱ 57.17 268  
φ3x48 700 ZSN4-280-21B 110 MSY56-28-Ⅱ 28 244 decomposition out the kiln
φ3x100.94 450 ZSN4-280-21B 90 NZS995-90-Ⅵ-L 90 526 more cooling tube
φ3.2x50 1000 ZSN4-280-21B 160 MSY56-28-Ⅱ 28 252.4 decomposition out the kiln
φ3.2x52 600 ZSN4-280-21B 125 ZSY1110-71BL 71.54 275 Preheater kiln
φ3.3x52 1000 ZSN4-280-11B 125 NZS995-40-Ⅵ-BR 40 283 decomposition out the kiln
φ3.5x52.5 1400 Z2-112 180 ZS177 79.22 360 decomposition out the kiln
φ3.5x54 1500 ZSN4-3156-092 220 ZSY500-40-Ⅴ 40 368 decomposition out the kiln
φ3.6x70 490 ZSN4-280-11B 125 ZS177-5-Ⅱ 79.2 419 Waste heat power generation kiln
φ3.95x56 2000 Z4-280-32BTH 250 ZSY560-40-Ⅰ 40 417 decomposition out the kiln
Φ4x28 90 ZSN4-280-21B 160 ZSY500-71-Ⅳ 71 300  
φ4x60m 2500 ZSN4-355-09Z 315 ZSY630-35.5-Ⅰ 34.6 523 decomposition out the kiln
φ4.2x60m 2800 ZSN4-355-12 420 ZSY710-35.5-Ⅰ 35.5 --- decomposition out the kiln
φ4.3x60m 3000 ZSN4-355-12 375 ZSY710-40 40 553 decomposition out the kiln
φ4.8x75m 5000 ZSN4-400-92 630 JH710-40 42 841 decomposition out the kiln
Note: Form parameter is only for reference to select model