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Pulverized Coal Burner

pulverized coal burner

The introduction of pulverized coal burner:

The pulverized coal burner has a specially designed multi-level talkative air-oriented structure, the pulverized coal to produce high-temperature vortex in a short time, with complete combustion, thermal efficiency, smoke and dust, energy efficient, improve working conditions, reduce laborthe strength and advantages, is the ideal product of the energy saving and environmental protection, and welcomed by customers. The pulverized coal efficient combustion and low NOx combustion technology mutually contradictory two technologies. Reduce NOx emissions is fundamental to control the temperature of the combustion zone can not be too high, but the low temperature combustion also affect the rate of combustion of pulverized coal, and coordinate the application of these two technologies to achieve a comprehensive best results is the goal, in fact, require pulverized coal burning process control. Both to ensure the stability of the pulverized coal fire, have a lower combustion temperature.

Usage: pulverized coal burner for all kinds of annealing furnace, metal furnace, hardening furnace, precision casting shell burning furnace, melting furnace, forging furnace and other furnace kiln. Same time the company has to transform the force, on the furnace, pulverized coal burner is installed, you can also undertake the design, renovation and construction of a variety of kilns.

Characteristics of the pulverized coal burner:

(1) Pulverized coal residence time of pulverized coal burner high-temperature region length,high combustion efficiency,flue direct emission of smoke was steam-like white smoke;
(2) The type of pulverized coal burner heating temperature rise time, high thermal efficiency, and coal quality requirements of low coal applicable to a wide range of high economic efficiency;
Pulverized coal burner ignition easy, fast heating, work efficiency is greatly improved;
(4) The burner air supply, coal input demand changes, and adjust the furnace temperature and flame length in a wide range to meet the actual needs;
(5)The pulverized coal burner uniform temperature field,the furnace is heated to body heat coverage,slag non-stick surface of the workpiece, good product quality.