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Gas furnace

gas furance

The introduction of  gas furance:

QM-type gas furnace is mixed producer gas equipment thermal processing plant machinery, metallurgy, building materials, light industry, chemical industry, refractory industry. Gas furnace with a single bucket elevator coal machine, double sealed bell automatic stoker coal bins, wet ash tray automatically slag. Grate transmission machinery all the design in the furnace outside, reliable operation, easy installation and maintenance. Furnace water jacket and the Drum Department in low-pressure equipment, are calculated after the design strength, strict manufacturing requirements, products manufactured before a thorough inspection to ensure quality, steam supply bottom blast furnace production and roof fire detection hole gland, without complementary external steam production in order to reduce the consumption of thermal energy.

Gas furnace working principle:

Gas furnace is based on coal as raw material gas, the device used for gas equipment. The solid raw coal from the furnace at the top to join, move down with the running of the gas stove, enter from the bottom of the gasification agent (air, steam) countercurrent meet at the same time, the bottom fuel layer of high temperature gas heating, occurrence of physical chemical reaction, the crude gas. The crude gas (hot gas) after coarse dust for combustion equipment. So that the gas furnace in several areas, generally known as the "layer". Will occur in accordance with the procedures for gas furnace gasification process, the furnace part of the six layers : (1) ash layer; (2) oxide (also known as the Floor); (3) reduction layer; (4) carbonization layer;(5) dry layer; (6) air layer; the oxide layer and restore layer collectively referred to as the reaction layer, the carbonization layer and dried layer collectively referred to as the layer of coal preparation.

The main technical parameters:

Gas name H2 CO CO2 N2 CH4 O2
Air gas 2.6 1.00 14.2 7.2 0.5 0.2
Water gas 48.4 38.5 6 6.4 0.5 0.2
Mixed gas 13.5 27.5 5 52.8 0.5 0.2