Laterite Nickel Rotary Kiln Production Line

Laterite Nickel Rotray Kiln Production Line

The introduction of Laterite Nickel Rotray Klin Production Line:
(1)Mineral aggregate processing system:ZK Linear shaker,YA type circular vibrating screen,DT Fixed belt,DJLarge Angle Belt Conveyor,ZSW machine platform, Efficient fine crusher.
(2)The system of Dry roasting smelting: Rotary kiln drying kiln, Calcination rotary kiln,Wind swept coal mill,Pulverized coal burner,Melting submerged arc furnace,Gas furnace.
(3)Finished nichrome Polishing Systems:cone crusher ,fine crusher, ball mill,magnetic cobber.
(4) Rotary kiln flue gas purification system: QMC Series Plused jet Cloth filter,CLT/A series,cyclone dust collector(monocular, binocular, three-cylinder,four cylinder,six cylinder),XMC plused jet cloth filter.

Process: raw materials field - screening, crushing and mixing  ingredients - kiln - submerged arc furnace - the iron package desulfurization - refining converter - cast.

Smelting methods and processes are in the following:
The pre-processing step the raw lateritic nickel ore pulverized, mixed with the carbonaceous material and flux limestone, and then to continuous into the rotary kiln. In rotary kilns, materials and coal combustion generated by the countercurrent movement of hot air, to withstand all the smelting step - drying, dehydration, restore growth and metal. The metal is generated in the semi-molten condition in the kiln. Firing frit of the material will be broken water, finely ground after re-election and the separator will be reduced to the nickel-iron alloy from the exhaust frit separated out from the rotary kiln. Separated from the nickel-iron was 2 to 3 mm diameter sand-like particles, and entrained 1-2% slag, the chemical composition of C0.1%, 22% Ni18, S0.45%, P0.015%. This product regardless of sulfur content tall in the steelmaking process, and have a good desulfurization capacity due to steel-making. Sand-like particles in the steel making process is very conducive to continuous feeding and as a coolant material quickly dissolved.

Process characteristics:
(1)The adaptability of raw materials, applicable in the magnesian silicate ore and iron is not higher than 30% of the limonite-type nickel oxide ore,as well as the middle of mine. Most suitable for the nickel oxide ore using a wet process difficult to deal with high magnesium and low iron.
(2)High-grade ferro-nickel, and less harmful elements.
(3)Energy saving and environmental protection, recycling. From the moisture content of charging into the rotary kiln until the submerged arc furnace process of iron slag in charge in the closed state, environmental protection and energy saving.
(4)The heat of the nickel slag material into the submerged arc furnace. Rotary kiln production of nickel slag into the furnace at high temperatures above 900 ℃, relative to: Sinter - submerged arc furnace of cold material into the furnace, save a lot of physical heat and chemical heat,significantly reduce the energy and reductant consumption and increase production efficiency.

Main technical parameters:

Size Diameter
Main function  

Processing power


Support Speed
Deceleration maxhine Motor power
φ2.1x30m 2100 30000 70 3-5 3 0.1-1.05 ZQ75 22 74
φ2.1x34.5m 2100 34500 74 3-5 3 0.1-1.05 ZQ75 22 76
φ2.4x34m 2400 34000 88 3-5 3 0.105-1.05 ZQ75 30 102
φ2.4x35m 2400 35000 90 3-5 3 0.105-1.05 ZQ75 30 103
φ2.84x44m 2840 44000 300 3-5 3 0.3-1.2 ZS145 45 176
φ3.2x52m 3200 52000 1000 3-5 3 0.6-3.1 ZL-130-15 125 307
φ3.3x50m 3300 50000 1200 3-5 3 4.44 ZSY995-40VIB 160 320
φ3.5x52m 3500 52000 1300 3-5 3 0.46-1.38 ZSN4-280-21B 160 330