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Single Cylinder Cooling Machine

Brief introduction about the Single cylinder cooling machine:
  The equipment is used for the cooling of clinker It can improve grindability and reduce power consumption of grinding and it is a important equipment firing a complete set with rotary kiln system. The single cylinder cooler is characterized by simple and firm structure and because the hot-air can bereturn to rotary kiln,the heating efficency is very high and the power consumption is fairly less.It's a desirable equipment for the cooling of clinker.
  Description of Single cylinder cooling machine:
  This cooling machine is used for compound fertilizer. It can cool fixed temperature and granularity fertilizer. Working with the dryer, it can improve the cooling speed fastly, relieve the working intensity and improve the quality, then it can wipe off some moisture and reduce the temperature of every granularity. Meanwhile, the machine can also used for cooling other powdery and grainy materials. The structure also has many features, such as compact structure, high cooling frequency, reliable characteristic and strong adaptability.

The main parameters:  
Models And Specifications Production Capacity The main reducer Electric Motor Weight(t)
Type Speed ratio Power(kw) Type
Φ2x22 7-8.5 ZL75-15-‖ 36.65 22 Y200L2-6 61.5
Φ2.2x22 7.5-9 ZL85-14-‖ 30.53 45 YR250S-6 72.7
Φ2.2x25 15-18 ZQ75-31.5-‖|Z 31.5 45 Y280S1-6 73
Φ2.4x24 15-18 ZL120-3-1 63.13 45 Y225M-4 98.2
Φ2.5x25 14 ZL125-3-| 63.13 55 Y250-4 111
Φ2.5x30 16 ZQ100-23-1-‖Z 23.34 55 YCT355-6C 125.7
Φ2.8x20 10-16 ZL85-14-| 31.5 45 YY280S-6 111
Φ2.8x28 16 ZQ100-31.5-‖ 31.5 55 Y280M-6 125.7
Φ3x30 20 ZL115-15| 35.5 75 Y315S-6 111
Φ3x32 21.5 ZL115-15 35.66 75 JS115-6 131
Φ3.2x32 28 ZL115-15 35.66 75 JS115-6 169
Φ3.2x36 25 ZL130-14-| 32.11 00/67 JZTT-92-4/6 200
Φ3.3x40 30 ZL130-14-| 32.11 132 Y315M3-6 236.6