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Electronic Belt Weigher

Brief introduction of Electronic Belt Weigher:
  ICS series electronic conveyor belt weigher is the ideal equipment used for continuous measurement of bulk materials on belt conveyors. It is made up of mechanical scale body, weighing sensors, digital pulse speed sensor, digital indicator, etc; There are several structures for you to choose. Specific sizes can be as per customer’s requirements. This product has a simple structure, good weighing accuracy and stable performance. It is easy to operate and convenient to maintain. It can not only be used in conventional environment, but also in acid, alkali, salt and atmospheric corrosion environments. ICS series electronic conveyor belt weigher is widely used for the measurement in conveying processes of building materials, metallurgy, electric power, chemical, coal, mining, ports and other industries.
  Features of Electronic Belt Weigher:
  1. Using sealed bearing as the support, accurate and stable force transmission, fast zero return.
  2. Solid weighing bridge and impact resistance, particularly suitable for work in harsh conditions.
  3. Non-distortion of the scale body and stable measurement accuracy.
  4. No moving parts and less maintenance.
  5. Various calibration methods and multiple output interfaces to meet various control requirements.

Technical specifications:
Model No. Adaptive belt width (mm) Accuracy (%) Weighing capacity (t/h) Inclination angle of belt conveyor Weighing sensor (unit) Weighing roller (group) Voltage (V)
ICS-A 400~1400 ±0.125 1~2000 ≤6° 4 4 220±10%
ICS-B 400~1400 ±0.25 1~2000 ≤17° 2 4
ICS-C 400~1400 ±0.5 1~2000 ≤17° 2 2
ICS-D 400~1400 ±0.5 1~2000 ≤17° 2 1
ICS-E 400~1400 ±0.5 1~2000 ≤17° 1 2
ICS-F 400~1400 ±1.0 1~2000 ≤17° 1 1
ICS-G 400~1400 ±1.0 1~2000 ≤17° 2 1