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Disk Granulating Machine for ceramic sand

Introduction of Disk Granulating Machine for ceramic sand:
  The application of the Disk Granulating Machine for ceramic sand:
The Disk Granulating Machine Applicable to the construction , petroleum, chemical, fire-resistant insulation materials and other industries powdery materials granulation. It is essential for manufacturing ceramic sand than the other equipment. Disk Granulating Machine for ceramic sand mainly Parts including: the disk, big bevel gear, tapered gear, spindle box, the horizontal axis, the Angle institutions, scraper, gearing, base etc.
  Specifications and features of Disk Granulating Machine for ceramic sand
  1. General rate is high, stable operation.
  2. Equipment durability and long service life.
  3. It is durable and never be deformed.
  Usage of Disk Granulating Machine for ceramic sand:
  Disk Granulating Machine has three discharging mouth, facilitate continuous production operation, and greatly reduce the labor intensity and improving labor efficiency, reducer with motor using the flexible belt transmission, start smoothly, slow wallop, improve equipment using life. Using multiple bottom plate granulation radiation steel strengthening, durable, will never be deformed. Aggravating, thickened, strong base design, do not need to anchor bolt fixed and smooth operation. Granulator main gear adopt high-frequency quenching, service life is double. Granulation face plate lined with high-strength fiberglass anti-corrosion and durable. This plane has granulation uniform, &runners.general rate is high, stable operation, equipment durability and long service life etc, and is the ideal equipment users choose.
  Working principle of Disk Granulating Machine for ceramic sand:
  The pan revolves at a certain angle with the horizontal plane driven by the motor through. The powder will rise along with the revolving pan under the friction between the powder an dthe pan, on the other hand, the powder will fall down under th efunction of its gravity. At the same time, the powder is to th epan edge because of the centrufugal force. The powder material rolls in a certain trace under th efunction of these three forces. It gradually becomes the required size, then overflows by th epan edge.