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Rotary kiln preheater

Introduction of Rotary kiln preheater:
  Rotary kiln preheater system is mainly consists of six major components.
  1, the upper feeding system: It contains the upper hopper, tremie pipe, cutting methods and structure can guarantee the security sealed in the body to feed to the preheater, so the cold air from outside can not enter into the preheater , and material feeding can make use of the bars valve to achieve the continuous or intermittent feeding.
  2.preheater body: it is the most important part to ensure that the material preheated to 900 degrees Celsius. It is consist of warm-up room, suspension devices and firebrick lining(which don’t belong to the range for design and manufacture of equipment ). The structure of the part is metal components. A part of materials use heat resistant steel according to need, heat resistant steel can work in the 1000-1100. The design of firebrick lining is novel,and sealing is good,so it can ensure that materials  could preheat uniformly to reach a preheated temperature.
  3.pusher device:it includes pusher, frameworks and connecting rod and other parts. Pusher is casted or welded together by the use of heat resistant steel,so it can bear high temperature. By electronic control and hydraulic system, various hydraulic push rod can achieve sequential pusher in order according to the automatic control program.
  4.the hydraulic system: including tanks, pumps, motors, solenoid valves, hydraulic hoses, its main role is to control the pusher device and complete the action of the pusher.
  5.the lower part of the feeding chamber: including slip tube, the main body of the feeding chamber, feeding slip mouth, its main role is to import the materials after preheater into kiln to calcine.
  6.Framework: it mainly includes column, beam, etc. The main role is carrying the upper part of the preheater structure.
  Function of preheater:
  Completion of the preheating of the raw material powder and the decomposition process;
  Cyclone: separation effect, collection the raw material powder in the air flow;
Material bins: dispersion effects,dispersing tablets strong material into powder;
Calciner duct: completion the heat transfer of raw material powder and hot air; Decomposingfurnace: Completion decomposition process of Calcium carbonate in the raw material.It can reduce the heat load of the kiln, substantial increase kiln’s capacity.

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