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Introduction of Precipitator:

Precipitator is a large dust removal equipment that is of large air volume, good cleaning effect, high dust removal efficiency, reliable operation, easy maintenance, small footprint.This dust collector used in the industries of metallurgy, electric power, chemicals, building materials, machinery and other environmental dust and materials. The dust collector is composed of hopper, filter chamber, the net chamber, bracket, poppet valves, injection cleaning device etc.components.The dusty gas from the duct into the ash hopper when working. Large particles of dust directly into the bottom of the ash hopper, smaller dust up with the flow turning into the filter chamber, and retention in outside of the bag surface, clean the flue gas entering the bag, and go through the pocket and net chamber enter the wind gate of outlet,discharged from the exhaust outlet.
   Features of Precipitator:
   1.The high collection efficiency of dust. The purified exhaust gas dust concentration ≤ 50mg/Nm3, collection efficiency of dust≥ 99.9% .
   2.The high degree of automation. Using mocrocomputer to control technology,  cleaning compartment,dumping and exhausting of ash automaticly.
   3.Advanced technology. Based on the advanced technology introducted from American Fuller, absorb the German collecting technical merits, developed by combining with China's national conditions ; It combines the advantages of the blowing in sub-room and pulse injection to overcome the not enough kinetic energy intensity in sub-room, shortcomings that filtering and cleaning doing at the same time in pulse jet, increasing the use of adaptive, and improve the collection efficiency.
   4.The high operation rate. Can be divided into different room for bags and kept the machine working when maintenance and easy to operate with the host up to 100%.
   5.Long service life. Adopt imported or domestically produced high-quality pulse valve, high efficient, stable and long service life ,life of filter bag in the average expectancy of more than two years.
   6.Adaptable. Can deal directly with the inlet concentration up to 1300mg/Nm3 dusty gas ,not only can be used as a clean gas dust removal equipment, but also can be O-sepa high efficiency separator, vertical mill, and other supporting finished recycling equipment. This series of dust collectors, such as with a special treatment by the needle felt filter or the filter of the special materials that can handle the different nature of the dust; such as with anti-static filter can deal with high concentrations of coal dust.
   7.The wide range of applications. Not only be widely used in the cement industry in the whole production line ,but also can be used for electric power, chemical, metallurgy, coal, pharmaceuticals, machinery, light industry, food, wood processing industry.

Main of parameters of Precipitator:

Parameter of model
Handing air quantity m3/h Filtering air speed m/min filter area m2 number of filtrer bags (piece) resistance Pa dust density g/m3 Thermal insulation layer area m2 Weight kg
32-3 6900 1.2-2.0 93 96 1470-1770 <1000 26.5 2880
32-4 8930 124 128 34 4080
32-5 11160 155 160 41 5280
32-6 13390 186 192 48.5 6480
64-4 17800 248 256 70 7280
64-5 22300 310 320 94 9960
64-6 26700 372 384 118 11640
64-7 31200 434 448 142 13320
64-8 35700 496 512 166 15000