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Cement Packaging Machine

Introduction of Cement Packaging Machine:
  DGY-50 impeller cement packaging machine belongs to a type of impeller.It be of stable performance, simple operation, reasonable structure, easy maintenance, without pneumatic components and it will be able to package cement so that it can be Widely used in packaging of good fluidity powder and granular.This series of charter flights is automatic intelligent devices controlled by microcomputer,be of reliable operation, unparalleled accuracy, easy operation, long-term use of the card, is not blocked or missed, dedicated in microcomputer and control buttons as well as a variety of switches, all are specially designed for cement production environment. no wearing, no contacts, no wearing parts.
   Features of  Cement Packaging Machine:
    No AC electromagnet or living section connecting rod ,use DC electromagnetic cylinder directly to turn the switch up and down.
    No Cylinders, valves, compressors, using magnetic cylinder to drag,reducing vulnerability unlimitedly.
    No AC contactor and contact switches, using solid state relays and inductive switch.
    No Weighbeam swim mound and blade type link, using sensors intelligent identification and automatic measurement .
    Automatic microcomputer control, measurement accuracy, low failure rate, no dust, easy operation, products is durable.
   Main parameters of  Cement Packaging Machine:

Name Model Single-mouth production(T/h) Loaded bag error (kg) boundary dimension(mm)
Fully automatic single-mouth cement packaging machine FBZDW-1 18 50±0.5 1300*1500*580
Fully automatic double-mouth cement packaging machine FBZDW-2 18 50±0.5 1770*1500*1050
Fully automatic three-mouth cement packaging machine FBZDW-3 18 50±0.5 1770*1500*1650
Fully automatic four-mouth cement packaging machine FBZDW-4 18 50±0.5 1770*1500*2040