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Lime Burning System

Lime Burning System

Broken qualified limestone enter into lime calcining system.First,limestone enter into vertical preheater to preheat, which can shorten the calcined time inthe kiln and can obtain higher degree of activity lime.Then limestone enter into rotary kiln to burning.Last,burned limestone enter into the vertical cooler to cool.

1.vertical preheater

Vertical preheater

Vertical preheater: one of the main equipment of active limestone technological introduction of active limestone complete set equipment system-Vertical preheater.
Vertical activity is one of the main equipments of active limestone. The main function is to send limestone materials sent by the upper part to the preheater body,while using the emitted high temperature gas(850℃) after calcination,preheat the materials to adout 750℃ evenly. During the preheat proces ,30% CaCO3 is decomposed in the preheater,then by the hydraulic pressure stick putting into the rotary kiln to calcinate. This kind of technology not only shortens the calcined time in the kiln,but also can obtain higher degree of activity of the lime.
Vertical preheater system is mainly composed of six major components:
1).Upper feeding system 2).preheater body  3)Pushing materials devices  4)Hydraulic system   5) Lower feeding room   6)Frame
2.Rotary kiln

rotary kiln

Rotary kiln is composed of cylinder gear,support device,kiln liner and kiln sealing equipment,kiln tall head hood and combustion.
Cylinder as heated pivoting part,made of high-quality carbon steel plate,is supported on the support device by tyre,and there is machanical or hydraulic pressure catch wheel on the first or some gear in order to control the turning of cylinder.Gearing gyrate according to process-required rotating speed by ring gear in the middle of the cylinder.Because of the need of installation or maintenance,the bigger rotary kiln has ausiliary gear,which makes cylinder,gyrate more slowly,To prevent cold air come in and dust overflow,the raliable kiln tail and bead sealing equipment is installed on feed and discharge end.
3.Vertical cooler

Vertical cooler

Vertical cooler:one of the main equipment of active limestone. Vertical activity is one of the main equipments of active limestone.The active lime after calcined by rotary kiln flows into refractory lined vertical cooler sequential.The cooler cross-section is squire,in which it uniformly distrubutes centers cold compartment cap and sub-room hat. The hat is installed with pipes which connect with external fans. At the buttom of the cooler, set discharge end, under each discharge end has a vibration motor dischagr. The materials accumulate and cover on the hat in the cooler and form a certain material thickness, the cooling wind blown from the external fan,through the wind room into the chamber. After out from hat contact with high-temperature materials,and complete the heat exchange. The cooled air is discharged out from hat contact with high-temperature materials,and complete the heat excharge. The cooled air is discharged out cooler by the influence of vibrating discharge. The heated air enters into the rotary kiln from kiln head the second time and combustion.

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