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Dual/four Channel Coal Burner

Dual/four channel coal burner

Dual/Four-channel coal burner in the technological transformation and application of use after is one of the most important parts in cement production. It supplies the heat for the entire system of the rotary kiln burner,but only if a good performance of burner ensures that the fuel fed into the rotary kiln distributes evenly and quickly,is fired in time,burns completely in the burning space and provides sufficient heat in order to form a reasonable temperature field and thermal system. It is key equipment for cement kiln to burn raw meal to clinker. The structure, design parameter, operation parameter affect burning of fuel greatly. KFB multichannel pulverized coal burner applies four-channel technology and two utility model patents of Ki sen, its functions are special and easy to operate.

Technical parameters of Dual/four channel coal burner:

Mode Burning Coal (t/h) Supporting Fan Installation Methods Matching Kiln Mode Max. Overall Dimensions (mm)
LY-1 1.2-1.8 centrifugal horizontal/ suspension Φ1.9 300*9000
LY-1A 1.3-2.3 centrifugal horizontal/ suspension Φ2.2 300*9000
LY-2 1.8-2.8 centrifugal horizontal/ suspension Φ2.5 300*9000
LY-2A 2.2-3 centrifugal suspension Φ2.8 300*9000
LY-3 2.5-3.3 Centrifugal/ roots suspension Φ3 350*10000
LY-3A 3-3.8 Centrifugal/ roots suspension Φ3.2 350*12000
LY-4 4-4.8 Centrifugal/ roots suspension Φ3.5 406*12000
LY-4A 5-6.5 Centrifugal/ roots suspension Φ4 400*12000