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Air Swept Coal Mill

Air Swept Coal Mill

Usage of Air swept coal mill:
The structure of Air Swept Coal Mill :

our factory manufactures has been improving day by day after years of practical experience and continuous improvement. After making significant improvements to traditional air-swept coal mill and possessing all features of ball mill, compared to the same specification mill other manufacturer produce, the capacity of our mill has increased greatly with discharging material more fine and increased specific surface area so as to realize high yield, high fine powder and supplying a new energy-efficient grinding equipment for users.
Air Swept Coal Mill is widely used in grinding coal operation of metallurgy, cement, power, mineral processing, new materials, fertilizer and glass ceramic industry. It is a kind of special equipment which crushes and grinds coal with the function of drying simultaneously.

Air swept coal mill

Feature and Benefits of Air Swept Coal Mill:
1. Optimize the support system to improve the lubrication structure and reduce the system resistance.
2. The lubrication of main shaft bushing of mill adopts hydraulic oil station which extends the service life of alloy tile; meanwhile, the use of hollow shaft saves oil by 90%.
3. The main bearing block of mill adopts cooling water circulating device to cool the bearing so as to avoid decreasing the working life of bearing because of overheating of materials.
4. Reasonable distributions of steel ball and cylindrical shell length increase production by 15% to 25%.
5. Lowers power dissipation per unit yield and saves 20% to 30% electricity consumption.
6. Using a new type of liner material to increases wear resistance; extends liner life and reduces the number of replacement of wearing parts.
7. The flexible connection between reducer and pinion is easy to keep balance with high adaptability to the environment which does n’t need lubrication and has a better performance to compensate the relative displacement of two shafts.
8. Professional reducer matched with mill with high carrying capacity and continuous high-load work.
9. The use of advanced control system makes start and transmission smoothly and can get the best use effect and economic benefit.
10. The use of insulation device reduces heat loss.

Technical parameters of Air Swept Coal Mill:

Model Grinding Body loading(t) Cylinder Rotation Speed (r/min) Production Capacity(t/h) Electric Motor Overall Dimensions (mm)
Mode Power (kw) Electric  Power (v)
Φ1200×2400 4.8 32 1.4-2 Y280M-8 45 380 6520*2850*2540
Φ1500×3000 8 28.5 2-3 JR125-8 95 380 7604*2630*2698
Φ1700×2500 7.5 24.5 3-5 JR116-8 95 380 6998*3700*2628
Φ2200×3000 13 22 5-6 JR136-8 180 380 7680*4389*3950
Φ2200×4000   21 8-9 YRKK4501-6 250 380 7880*4420*3950
Φ2200×5800   21 5.5-7 Y4005-8 280 380 9060*4480*3950
Φ2400×4750 22 20 10-12 YR400-8 280 6000 7770*5266*4024
Φ2400×4000+2000     10-11 YRKK450-8 250 6000 10600*5500*4024
Φ2400×4500+2000     10-12 YRKK500-8 280 6000 11200*5500*4024
2500×3900     14 JR138-8 280 6000 8770*6266*4870
Φ2600×(5250+2250)     9-10 YRKK500-8 400 6000  
Φ2800×(5000+3000)     13-13.5 Y5001-8 500 6000  
Φ2900×4700 35 18.6 16 JSQ1512-6 570 6000 8930*6179*4440