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Consequence caused by misemploy of rotary kiln refractory brick

Calcination refractory brick of rotary kiln is rotating with the cylinder rotation rely on the role of the arch. The neutral surface curvature of calcination rotary kiln make periodic alternating increase or decrease with the rotation of the cylinder.Rangeability of calcination rotary kiln is intensified with the increase of the lateral deformation of cylinder. Today's new type dry process rotary kiln adopt loose tube type floating belting leather, Cylinder clearance between the outside the cylinder pad and belting leather inner diameter is very important,Big clearance can make the cylinder deformation increase, higher weld stress of subplate and the rotary kiln cylinder, fracture, shorten the service life of the refractory brick,At the same time also will make belting leather and the subplate relative sliding increases, aggravate wear; Gap too small cylinder expansion will be interference, cause of necking phenomenon occurs, also can cause rotary kiln cylinder in large deformation.

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