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The use and maintenance conditions of Rotary kiln

Any mechanical mining equipment are the same, there will need maintenance and renovations, so that it can only guarantee the equipment's efficiency and ability, to ensure the life of the equipment. The same is true of cement rotary kiln, cement rotary kiln maintenance of the following is the basic requirements and rules:

1) cement kiln kiln maintenance including play bark, split tiles, cleaning, and masonry. In order to shorten the time to stop the kiln, rotary kiln is generally 10-12 hours after cooling the skin and the demolition of brick kiln fight, when the kiln temperature will still be above 90oC, so playing the skin and split brick kiln at high temperatures are high dust environment.
 (2) According to common sense, generally do not want diesel-powered equipment in the dust under the conditions of high temperature and high use, because the engine does not heat, and high dust would lay dead air filter and radiator, resulting in glitches, affect the playing tiles operations.
(3) the impact by the kiln door size, generally narrower than the bridge, cross the bridge by the machine from the grate cooler is best VIP car separation. Caused by a small excavator driving vehicles through the bridge fall into the grate cooler accidents have been reported at home and abroad.
 (4) The demolition of brick kilns and playing through the skin to be broken hydraulic breaker, there is the inevitable splashing and jumping kiln slag skin collapse of the case, in order to prevent safety accidents, the operator hopes to stay away from work surface do not sit on the machine can not be fixed to avoid.
 (5) In order to enter the smaller kiln door, but do not want the kiln hood for additional reform, asked to play the width and height of the brick is smaller, lighter. At the same time the impact of hydraulic breaker to a large power to quickly complete the job, but also to play moving kiln castable.
 (6) demolition of brick skin to be removed quickly hit brick kilns, but not damage the cylinder. This requires hydraulic hammer impact energy and frequency stepless kiln.
 (7) of the machine design must be considered in the case of high temperature and high dust and reliable operation, low failure rate, low cost. Therefore, the international common practice is no longer diesel-driven machinery used in the rotary kiln to play within the skin split brick.