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Rotary kiln belting leather oil and lubrication instruction

Because of the differences of thermal expansivity, rigidity between rotary kiln and belting leather, in advance design the inner diameter of the belting leather is larger than the outer diameter of the kiln(including the block). So, when rotating dislocation phenomenon produced by kiln body (block) and belting leather is "rolling displacement". Normal rolling displacement, dislocation are limited to the scope of diameter difference of kiln body (including block) and  belting leather, and dislocation appear according to certain proportion. If improper lubrication or no lubrication between belting leather and kiln body (block), the rolling displacement occurs, interface appear biting or skid phenomenon. These phenomena cause abnormal friction between block and belting leather, kiln body jitter, occurs when revolving kiln body induced damage and loss of refractory brick, etc., thus caused production accident kiln repairs and additional loss.

At present the advanced processing method is: Through pressure oil pump (usually portable, manual to operation), then lubricant from extension tube (environment radiation temperature is very high, considering the workers operating safety)through the spray nozzle spray to belting leather and plate, lubricant on the carrier of Synthetic Base-stocks(can be completely evaporate , not carbon residue), By oil pump scatter graphite into belting leather and plate clearance, above 250 ℃ synthetic oil volatilization, graphite Form a stable temperature to 600 ℃ dry lubricating film, avoided by belting leather and direct friction between plate/rolling displacement caused by abnormal wear and tear, and elimination. In addition due to the slippage of the interface between the biting or kiln body jitter phenomenon, thus to protect the stability of the refractory brick and longevity.