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Local train fault causes of rotary kiln

In recent years, along with the advance of technology, rotary kiln calcining technology is gradually perfect, continuously improve product quality. Such as limestone kiln, ceramsite sand rotary kiln, cement rotary kiln, limonite rotary kiln, hematite rotary kiln of Kefan Mining Machinery company, the product quality and production capacity are quite high, is good choice of the material calcination.

Although the manufacture technology of rotary kiln is perfect, it will still play slow train because of improper operation, improper control of temperature, discharge fluctuations, rotary kiln feed coal inequality and so on. Identify the reasons of the slow train, explore its regularity, strengthen temperature control, the local train can be reduced and avoided.

The following is local train causes from professional summary of our company:
1. Rotary kiln fire control improper, increase or decrease in coal is not timely.
2. Fuel adding uneven.
3. Blanking is insufficient, or uneven, resulting in slurry is more or less.
4. Parameter setting is not appropriate, cause preheater temperature fluctuations.
5. Circle in the mud in the rotary kiln, the cause material cyclical fluctuations.
6. Inappropriate coal pipe position setting, flame instability, or incomplete.
7. Rotary preheater chain broken roll into a ball, hold back the incoming material.