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The effects of rotary kiln feed too much

In the process of the rotary kiln, all sorts of problems may occur. The same is true for the lime rotary kiln. When lime rotary kiln feeding too much how to deal with?

The maintenance of lime production line in the course of usage is very important, especially the lime rotary kiln is the top priority. Because of lime rotary kiln is the most important in the whole line, So today we look at feeding too much phenomenon and the treatment method of lime rotary kiln. Lime rotary kiln in normal production, the raw feed rate are volatile, but less volatility. When the rotary kiln are too many material, can appear larger fluctuation. In this case, timely response measures, to reduce the adverse effect on output, quality and equipment. When the rotary kiln are too many material, can have positive pressure in kiln head, cyclone tube outlet temperature and temperature of decomposing furnace, preheater will decline sharply. At this time should be appropriate to reduce the kiln speed, reduce feed rate,, exhaust into coal injection pipe, that can improve the temperature of the preheater, strengthen the effect of presintering material. Also can add appropriate coal, but not too much, otherwise it will result in reducing atmosphere, the temperature is lower. When the kiln lord motor current decline rapidly, need to reduce the kiln speed, exit the pulverized coal burner, the appropriate small exhaust air volume, short flame eager to burn, at this point can use short flame eager to burn, make it back to normal. When the working condition of rotary kiln in normal, then to feed, never feed temperature, which can make the operation in passive state, production, quality is difficult to guarantee.