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The operation design of Hematite rotary kiln

In order to achieve good running, in the process of actual operation of hematite rotary kiln, attention should be paid to observe that rotary kiln auxiliary transmission continuous operation should open hydraulic thruster, when intermittent turning kiln should stop hydraulic thruster. Kiln auxiliary transmission should not be long time continuous operation, should be strictly in accordance with the provisions of time turning kiln. After kiln head of hematite rotary kiln has positive pressure or check head coal should exit the coal-injection duct, primary air fan of 700 r/min, 30 min after open emergency ventilator until the coal-injection duct cooling. Coal injection pipe under normal circumstances outside wind should be fully open, appropriate down endogenous wind, in any case call of the wind are not allowed to close. When abnormal conditions need to adjust the coal injection pipe, must report to management. Observe the pulverized coal burner flame, in a timely manner for processing if it is abnormal. 

Hematite rotary kiln kilneye and tube more system into a single paragraph, with flange and kiln head cantilever section of cylinder bolt connection, not only easy to change, but will also reduce kilneye  deformation, beneficial to improve service life, kiln cylinder into the hot kiln hood should be on speaking terms with shape of the different forms of kiln backplate, but in order to avoid premature deformation, special strengthening measures should be taken. If the end use hot resistance welding, although advantageous to improve the service life, however, too much trouble. In a word, using cylinder with flange connection of the kilneye is worth to advocate kind of structure.