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The application of exhaust dust removal technology of dryer

The dryer exhaust gas treatment is the key problem for dust removal technology,here introduce several kinds of the dryer exhaust dust removal technology.

Exhaust air volume is big, high dust concentration, high moisture, high dew point, easy condensation, discharge point is high, the pollution range is wide, these are difficult points of dryer exhaust dust removal technology.The dryer tail gas associated with different plant process conditions,Individual companies for several materials drying, change of production, and start and stop frequent, large range of fluctuations,besides, using coal as drying heat source,sulfur oxides in the exhaust effect of corrosion on the metal structure, take certain difficulty to the selection of filter.

Cyclone dust removal technology
Cyclone dust removal technology has characteristics of low equipment cost, can handle high temperature gas, easy operation, suitable for the high dust concentration of gas. Its working principle is under the effect of fan, dust airflow by inlet with high speed spiral along the tangent direction into the dust catcher, spiral rotary motion from top to bottom, under the function of centrifugal force, the dust is left to the outer wall, and along the wall backspin, steering axis with cone contraction, returned by the lower resistance, along the axis is the spiral rotation at the bottom of the core tube eduction. The outer wall of dust particles under the gravity and downward movement of the air, along the wall into the hopper, achieve the goal of dust removal. Due to the cyclone dust collector is relying on the dust particle inertia separation, dust removal efficiency is proportional to the particle size, large particle size of dust removal effect is good; Small particle size, dedusting effect is poor, the general processing 20 microns of dust, dust removal efficiency was 70%~90%.

High voltage electrostatic dust removal technology
High voltage electrostatic dust removal technology is turn 50 hz, 220 v alternating current into 100 kw or more direct current added to the corona (cathode) form the uneven high voltage electric field, Make gas ionization produces a large number of negative ions and electrons, put into the gas dust charged electric field. Under the action of electric field force, charged dust towards the opposite electrodes, general anode for the dust collection pole, rely on vibrating fall into ash hopper eduction, complete purify dust removal process.

Wet dust removal technology
Wet dust removal technology is dusty gases by induced draft fan through the duct into the dedusting tower bottom, because of the cross section larger and velocity reduced, and the coarse particles of dust in the air first settlement, the fine dust with the air currents to rise, spray down water and dust in air reverse movement, the dust wet weight is increasing, under the influence of gravity, overcome air lift and fall into the mud water, through the lower pipe into the tank, achieve the goal of dust removal. The dust removal technology positive pressure operation is commonly used in the drying of clay, a variety of content (original) of material drying, recycling material easy mixed not to use, and wear on the blades.