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Belting leather installation position of rotary kiln

What are the advantages of rotary kiln belting leather installed on the plate? So-called necking temperature stress can make belting leather give full play to the barrel reinforcement effect, make reasonable use of materials of the rotary kiln belting leather at the same time, and this is good for rotary kiln belting leather manufacturing installation operation, etc.

Rotary kiln cylinder installation method usually adopted loop type, it have certain composing form of the baffle plate and the rotary kiln. Belting leather does not directly install on the rotary kiln cylinder section of the festival, but install on the plate, so that we can make it form the natural ventilation openings between cylinder and belting leather, On the one hand it strengthened the heat dissipation of rotary kiln, on the other hand reduces the kiln body heat conduction of belting leather, making belting leather of the inner and outer edge temperature difference is small, reducing uneven calcining rotary kiln materials heat loss, When thermal regulation of rotary kiln stove change, its temperature difference change little, thus reducing the thermal stress on the rotary kiln belting leather.

Rotary kiln is a kind of large calcining equipment, belting leather is an important component parts of the rotary kiln equipment, It plays a supporting role, bear the whole weight of rotary kiln, and plays a driving role, maintain security and stability of equipment rotating, at the same time belting leather is a easy grinding of the rotary kiln equipment. Therefore, belting leather clearance control helps to prolong the service life of belting leather. Why to pay attention to the gap between rotary kiln belting leather? Rotary kiln is a sideways straight cylindrical thermal technology equipment, working under high temperature and heavy load, Its tilt and temperature uneven and the thermal expansion amount of different, its deformation is a very complicated process. From the point of view of a section, can be thought of as an oval. It changes with the characteristics of the positive and negative continuously and repeatedly.