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Notice to improve the ability of rotary kiln production

Improve the production capacity of rotary kiln equipment is the direction of each manufacturer, including Kefan briefly summarizes some experience. Using large size rotary kiln, improve material filling rate, to improve the output of rotary kiln, must improve the material filling rate. In addition, increase the calcining zone length, reduce the amount of primary air, addition AIR secondary air injection and tertiary air injection device, and arranged in axial injection pipe, strengthen the kiln head sealing to prevent air leakage into the kiln, can reduce carbonaceous material loss. And the speed of the rotary kiln can choose infinitely adjustable-speed control in 0.75-2.5 r/min, so as to increase the rotary kiln feed rate, improve the production ability of rotary kiln. Finally, try to use the volatilization of material as fuel, phase in using less or no with the addition of fuel operation.

The operation of rotary kiln production line in the fire, changes in fuel consumption to prevent the calcining zone temperature changes. Change kiln speed and fuel consumption, to keep the the firing temperature required, keep the fuel consumption unchanged, kiln speed changes to keep firing temperature on the required level. Only on all with equal attention to, not only pay attention to the calcining zone, can be faster and more economical to achieve the desired stable operating conditions.
We must first consider the dry and decomposition of raw material, and then can consider clinker burning. Clinker sintering process, also is the entire process control of rotary kiln, not start from the the material into the calcining zone, but from the material into the kiln began.