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The length of rotary kiln and the efficiency of the material calcination

Length of rotary kiln is designed in adequate consideration of clinker velocity of movement and the time need for clinker calcining temperature of different extents, therefore must consider in the actual production the time need and temperature requirements for the calcination process, it is the key to the clinker calcining process conditions, the operation of the arbitrary, unreasonable change the temperature of different extents, will destroy the time need for clinker calcining at the same time, one of the most critical is to accurately grasp the coal rotor position, one of the most common problem is the rotor position before kiln 28 to 30 m,make transition zone and clinkering zone too short, total length of not more than 55 m, although the material in the rotary kiln by the total time constant, but its effective burning time almost cut down by a third, the clinker calcining effect will be reduced. The result of calcination time insufficient and clinker burning is the clinker grain is bad, clinker yellow heart, fly sand large, mass density decreased, preheater of a fire, already at higher temperature, the operator of the concept of calcination time is not strong, still use the wind big coal burning, rotor, is the root cause of the clinker calcining effect.

Clinker calcining is mainly conducted in rotary kiln and complete, and the primary role of decomposition furnace and preheater is the raw material completed the process of heat exchange and implement CaCO3 decomposition through the high temperature gas in turbulent flow, vortex and suspended process. Rotary kiln is responsible for clinker calcining and generation, to meet the needs of clinker calcined by the temperature and time conditions, the temperature of the rotary kiln should be set up with different length area, or temperature interval. Material in the rotary kiln (5000 t/d), the running speed of roughly 2.5-3 m per minute, the total run time about 30 minutes, preheater decomposition of the belt length is 5 to 6 m, run time about 2 minutes, this temperature is 1100-1150 ℃.