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what kind of reaction will produce using anthracite of rotary kiln

Anthracite is a kind of coal as the deepest degree of coalification, the most carbon content, ash content and moisture is less, the calorific value is very high, up to 25000 ~ 32500 KJ/kg, volatile release temperature is higher, the coke without cohesiveness, ignition and burnout are more difficult, smokeless during burning, the flame is ultramarine. Coal sample heat under prescribed conditions from air, Organic matter of coalthermal decomposition liquid state of parts of the smaller molecular weight (at this time for steam) and state product, these products are called volatile matter. Volatile matter of coal sample quality scores become volatile yield or volatile for short.In dry ash-free basis for the analysis basis, known as anthracite is coal volatile below 10%. Volatile is more than 6.5% less than 6.5% of the anthracite is called used the Anthracite coal no. 3.

When the reaction temperature rises, the reaction rate will increase exponential relationship. From the above analysis, if want to  use anthracite in the design of rotary kiln for bituminous coal combustion system, must make carbon burning rate less than the combustion particles in the rate of heat flow in the movement, can obtain stable combustion flame. Therefore, it is necessary to solve the following problems:

1) to light anthracite and shorten the time as soon as possible, should reduce the pulverized coal fineness. 
2) take corresponding measures to improve kiln head combustion air temperature. 
3) take measures to form a stable flame.