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Through rotary kiln preheater determine the temperature change

Through the preheater to extract the preheating parameters is very important work. Under the condition of different low temperature heating surface, the change of the temperature and the average temperature will be what kind of performance.

We along the radius in preheater of low-temperature lines installed 4 -- 6 thermocouple to measure changes in the running process of heating surface. After the measurement, use data collection and its supporting software to drive directly with data, calculate the average temperature, and can draw the temperature distribution and variation curve, etc. So that it can be convenient to calculate the preheat temperature required parameters.

Preheater is using the boiler flue gas by the internal heat sink in the tail flue will before entering the boiler heating surface air preheated to a certain temperature. Used to improve the heat exchange performance of the boiler, reduce energy consumption. In order to make the data accuracy, we according to the conditions of the site, temperature range, the measured time above extraction of useful data.