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Small rotary kiln for Bauxite in Laos

At the end of March, one customer, Spdad, Laos, came to Zhengzhou, Henan to visit three rotary kiln factories, in which is Henan Kefan. When he came to Kefan factory, our salemen and our boss accompanied the whole process, and our workers took him to our rotary kiln place, for showing the whole equipment working process. Then he went back to Laos.

Our salemen and our engineer designed the suitable plan for him according to his requirement, and always keep in touch with him. According to his raw materials, him place, his budget, our salemen and our engineers modified for many times, at last, he was finally satisfactory with our plan.
rotary kiln for Bauxite
Because the rotary kiln production line is large project, and is involved in many aspects, such as manpower, material, installation and other aspects. So he came to our factory in the middle of August. Through three days negotiate, he finally signed contract with Henan Kefan, including our factory should sent many engineers to guide the installation.
rotary kiln for Bauxite
He said the reason that choose our factory, because we have professional technology and high quality equipment, the most important thing is that we are one of the most sincere.
rotary kiln for Bauxiterotary kiln for Bauxite