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Active Lime Process Flow Fesigned by Kefan

Active lime process flow

Active lime process mainly include: Stone-crushing Equipment System---->Lime Burning System ---->Fule Equipment Burning System ---->Transmission and Distribution System ---->Environmental Protection Dust Removal and Store Material System.

Active lime process flow can be designed by Kefan engineers, according to customers' different requirement, this flow chart is only for reference.

Materials in yard through car are send to storage bin, then vibrating by vibrating feeder,into jaw crusher for first crushing, then go into the impact crusher for secondary crushing. When materials particle are meet the required particle, go into rotary kiln for calcination, during calcination process, need to use pulse dust removal device for reducing the dust pollution. Then go into the cooling machine for cooling mateirals and get the suitable temperature. At this time, can go to compound crusher for further crushing. Thus you can get satisfied products.

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